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From an absolute beginner to a remarkable musician

At Allegro Music we equip students to enjoy music on their own style and pace, leading them to progress on reading music sheet, developing techniques that will allow them to play with musicianship and encourage their expression and creativity. Our methodology takes students from no musical knowledge to playing or singing their favorite pieces and songs.

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Learn music at your own pace!

Our lessons are not just private! We tailor lessons according to each student’s preference, learning style, ability, and pace. Each student is unique for us.


Students who are beginners and young children starting to learn music.

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Students who complete the Basic Course and want to pursue Classical and Advanced Repertoire.

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Students who complete the Basic Course and want to play or sing Popular Repertoire, Movie Themes, Praise Songs.

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Students who complete the Basic Course and want to play a bit of Competitive Course and Recreational Course.

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“Music can change the world because it can change people.”

Tailored private lessons are limited!

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Some benefits of learning music

It develops your brain

Musical training physically develops the part of the left side of the brain and can actually wire the brain’s circuits in specific ways. Linking familiar songs to new information can also help imprint information on young minds.

It encourages creative self-expression

Music provides children with a means of self-expression. Everyone needs to be in touch at some time in his life with his core, with what he is and what he feels. Self-esteem is a by-product of this self-expression.

It cultivates patience and discipline

Music study enhances teamwork skills and discipline. In order for an orchestra to sound good, all players must work together harmoniously towards a single goal, and must commit to learning music, attending rehearsals, and practicing.


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