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Our Policies

Very Important Information

Based on 33 years of teaching experience, we have decided on the following guidelines.

You have the right to expect an excellent standard of teaching from our professionals, including artistic example, responsibility, punctuality, cheerfulness, patience, and energy.

Setting these guidelines allows us to do our jobs as educators and to maintain regularity in our schedules.

We reserve the right to revise our policy at any time. Any revision of the policy will be communicated to you before the changes take effect.

Mrs. Deborah DoCarmo – Studio Coordinator – Owner and Operator.

Duration of the Lessons

  • All of our beginner students start with 30 minutes lessons weekly
  • Lessons of 45 minutes and 60 minutes lessons are available for students with more than 3 years of experience. 
  • Lessons of 60 minutes are charged as 2 students and receive a 10% discount, family discount.


  • We offer 46 lessons of 30 minutes a year organized in a Calendar with 4 lessons a month. Two lessons are offered in December to complete 46 lessons.
  • Payments are accepted in full by Check or Cash. Monthly installments of 12 equal parts are done with an automatic withdrawal from the Credit/Debit Card.
  • One valid credit card information will be kept on file at registration for all kinds of payments. 
  • Tuition includes books and supplies, Certificates, Festivals, Competition Fees, Medals, and Trophies. 
  • Summer and Christmas Recitals Fees are NOT included in Tuition since it is optional and not all students participate. (Recital Fee is an average of $50 per student)
  • Payments are not refundable.
  • Prices are revised every Fall.


  • The student and their families agree not to hold Mrs. Deborah DoCarmo or any other professional working for Allegro Music Orlando, responsible for any accidents or injuries students incur while in the perimeter of the Home Studio, Recital, Festival, or Presentation locations and agree to use their own insurance in the event of an accident or injury.

The Instrument

  • The family shall provide an acoustic, electric, or digital musical instrument of reasonable quality for the student to use in practice. 
  • We do not sell pianos, keyboards, violins, or guitars but our professionals can assist you with your purchase.
  • An acoustic piano should be tuned every six months.
  • A digital piano should have enough resistance to provide for finger exercise and strengthening, and it should be “touch-sensitive” to allow for expression and subtleties of control.
  • Depending on the level of the student, the digital piano may also require a damper pedal and the full length of an acoustic instrument (88 keys).


  • Daily practice is essential to learning any musical instrument. The family will need to establish a daily routine for the student that includes music practice.
  • At each lesson, the teacher will clearly explain the student’s practicing assignments for that week. The teacher will write the assignments in a book. The student is expected to complete the assignments by the next lesson.
  • Most methodologies come with CD or Youtube videos. Listening to the music of the instrument learned will be assigned every week as part of homework.
  • Parental help may be required if the student is too young to read.

Cancellations and Make-Ups

This business is our main source of income. That said, our cancellation policy is our very best attempt to balance fairness to the student and to our teachers. Additionally, learning a musical instrument is a valuable commitment, and having each lesson will help the students create momentum in their learning.

  • If the student is unable to have a lesson, the teacher will offer a makeup lesson if notified at least 24 hours prior to the lesson time.
  • Make-up lessons will be offered online by Zoom or Facetime and presented according to schedule availability.
  • When an in-person lesson is impossible due to traveling or the sickness of a family member(not the student), an online lesson can be done by Zoom or FaceTime video call. Online lessons can be scheduled according to the teacher’s availability or at the same time, as the regular lesson.
  • In the event of same-day cancelation, no refund or make-up will be available. The only acceptable reason for same-day cancellation is illness or emergency.
  • Same-day cancellations for reasons such as social events or travel. No refund or make-up is available.
  • No more than one cancellation per month will be accepted. Additional cancellations will not be made up or refunded. Excessive cancellations may be a reason for ending teaching services.
  • If the teacher must cancel the lesson, he/she will offer to update and time that suits your family.

Parental Involvement, Presence, and Security

For Studio Lessons

  • We highly recommend that parents be present during lessons for students 6 to 10 years old. If circumstances or schedules do not allow it, we require a parent or guardian to be present for the last 10 to 5 minutes of each lesson. For older students, we ask for the presence of a parent at least once a month.

For in-Home Lessons

  • The presence of a responsible adult in the house is required for every lesson. Teachers will not enter your house without the presence of an adult in it.
  • Lessons are to be given in a quiet, free of distraction, public place of the house.
  • Teachers are not allowed to be alone with students in their rooms or any place away from the responsible adult.
  • If a responsible adult (parents, nanny, babysitter, grandparent) is not in the house the teacher will try to contact you. If after 15 minutes into the time of the lesson there is still not a responsible adult present in the house, the teacher will not teach and a video make-up lesson will be sent later.

Mental Security

  • We reserve the right to not teach any musical piece that contains cursing, degrading language, or expressions of violent behavior.


  • We follow the Orange County Public Schools Calendar.
  • Summer Recitals are always on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of June.
  • Christmas Recitals are always on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of December.
  • The Florida Federation of Music Clubs Festival at UCF is always on the last weekend of January.
  • Piano Competitions are in March.
  • A Calendar of the year with all lessons and events will be posted every January and shared with parents and students by email and a hard copy may be given to in-person students. 

Summer and Breaks

  • Summer lessons are offered and we are flexible to accommodate your family vacation schedule. If a break of more than 3 lessons in a row will be necessary a nonrefundable fee of 2 lessons is charged to hold a spot for up to 4 weeks.
  • The spot will be available to other students, discounts will be canceled, previous tuition amount will be canceled and the Fall tuition will be applied to returning students who do not pay the 2 lessons holding spot fee.

Recitals, Festivals, and Competitions

  • We schedule recitals twice a year. Second or third Saturday of June and the second or third Satur- day of December.
  • This is proof of progress and a healthy way for students to share what they have learned and for all involved to encourage each other.
  • Students are not required to participate in each recital though strongly encouraged.
  • Late elementary to Advanced students may be invited to participate in Festivals or/and Competitions based on their progress and achievement throughout the year.

Lessons Discontinuity

  • Discontinuity of lessons has to be communicated in person, by phone, text, or email by no later than the 20th of the last month of lessons.
  • A fee of 2 lessons is charged if communicated after the established date.

Tailored private lessons are limited!

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